Write Like an Egyptian.

CyberScribe in hieroglyphs, the way an Egyptian scribe might have written it.

You want to try it too?

OK, then.

Write like an Egyptian.

Or, maybe you prefer...

Let's see you.

Go on , don't be shy.


The Lord Taoist said...

Nice, although I will have to check with my dictionaries later on to see whether it is as I think a transliteration rather than a translation.

However, years and years ago, I did the same thing by hand:


CyberScribe said...

But where's the YouTube vid of you 'dancing like an Egyptian' that's what all your loyal subjects really want to see :-)

The Lord Taoist said...

How about I record a cover version instead? The sight of me dancing is best not inflicted on my subjects, else a revolt (ha, what a pun, I crack myself up) arise.

CyberScribe said...

A cover version would be fine. Something with the hints of a sound of an olde English folk band and Morris Dancers doing the 'walk like an Egyptian' dance.