When will our MLA's start...

Too often we read news reports like...
Robbery leaves pensioner shaken
A woman in her 80s has been left shocked following a robbery at her south Belfast home. It happened at about 1630 BST on Monday at Lille Park in Finaghy. A man dressed in a high-visibility vest restrained the pensioner before searching the house. Car keys and a purse containing cash were stolen. It is thought two other men also entered the house during the robbery. The woman was shaken but not hurt.

I'd think 'she's OK, it says she was shaken but not hurt.

Some stories will never reach the newspapers.

My Uncle has lived all his life on a farm up on the North Coast, near the Giant's Causeway.When he came back from church on Sunday he discovered that his house had been broken into. They had forced open a back window to get in and had stolen money and bank cards.The police were on the scene quite quickly and tried for finger prints but suspected the thieves had been wearing gloves.

His wife, my Aunt, suffers from Alzheimers and has recently been admitted to a local nursing home.This robbery will leave my Uncle, a man in his late 70's feeling vulnerable. It's enough to deal with someone who has
Alzheimer's, but add this robbery to it. The low life that carried this out, pick on the most vulnerable when they are at their weakest. If they get caught and sentenced they'll get more support than the victims. I hope sometime our local MLA's and MP's get their act together and the perpetrators of these crimes we read about on a daily basis are made to suffer. That the low life are made to pay for what they've done.


ellie said...

I hope your Uncle is ok, my thoughts are with him. Scum is too nice a word to describe the hooligans who robbed him. I'm confident that Karma will catch up with them. Bastards!

CyberScribe said...

Thanks Ellie.It could've been worse. If my uncle was at home and like many farmers he has his own shotgun, he could either be a hero or wanted for using it to defend his property.