Outside the Rosey Apple.

I was kerb crawling driving slowly past the local chapel/church earlier on the look out for some sexy nuns. I glanced heavenward and saw the cross perched on top of the building and noticed a smaller sign on a lamppost in front of the cross. It stated that this was an Alcohol Free Area. That is such a reassurance to me.

Another couple of metres further down the road, still on the lookout for the elusive sexy nun I looked towards the ground and noticed the disabled parking bay. I had to look twice and wondered, is that for bikers. Or is there a reason a line is painted through the disabled sign. Maybe whoever painted that line wasn't aware that the Alcohol Free Area wasn't exclusively up beside the cross.

That's outside the Rosey Apple. It is tempting, I just might go inside the Rosey Apple, but can you take pictures? Is that where the sexy nuns hang out?


Grannymar said...

Was that Rosey Apple or Rosary Apple?

dum di dum di dum...

CyberScribe said...

Is one of them juicier than the other? :-)