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I got waylaid deleting spam e-mails this evening when I read one that came from ' British Airway'. Oops, they've forgotten the 's'. With all that's been happening, or not happening, at Terminal 7 I was a bit curious. I knew it wasn't from British Airways they couldn't possibly send out spam e-mails if they can't even send out the backlog of luggage they've accumulated at T7. The e-mail read...

fromBritish Airway cozmo@peptalk.carintl.com

hide details 20:51 (35 minutes ago)




16 Apr 2008 15:51:03 -0400


British Airways Ticket Offer Confirmation
Fly Roundtrip to Any Destination Serviced by BRITISH AIRWAYS - FREE*!


This email is a commercial advertisement. If you wish to not receive information from us, please let us know and you will be excluded from future distributions immediatley http://peptalk.carintl.com/U/905/2485000 Click Here Now to be removed or write us & be sure to include your email address.
Subscriber Requests: 4408 McLean Rd Haltom City TX 76117

I couldn't resist, I had to check out the site the spammers wanted me to visit.It was Brandarama.co.uk The small print on the page read...

This is an advertisement powered by Brandarama.co.uk. Brandarama.co.uk is an independent rewards program that runs lead generation and promotional services on behalf of certain advertisers but is not associated with any of the featured products. The featured products in no way endorse or sponsor any offer.

I wondered why they actually sent the e-mail and it wasn't until I'd seen the picture I realised. It's the words 'upgrade to British Airways'. Upgrade, what could be worse.

Thank You Mr Spammer for amusing me for 5 minutes, it's time now for me to delete the rest of my spam. Also Mr Spammer I hope you don't mind but I sort of stole the picture from your website, I couldn't resist that too. You already know my e-mail address so I didn't get past the first page of your offer, I hope you don't mind.It's like I didn't really get started, maybe next time.Have a nice day Mr Spammer :-)

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