Out of stout.

Did you know that most of the people in this advert have never tasted Guinness.

GOOD things come to those who wait, says the latest spectacular TV advert for Guinness.

But people in the remote Argentine village where it was filmed have never tasted a drop of the famous Irish stout.

And tourists making a Guinness drinkers' pilgrimage can't buy a pint anywhere.

Shot in the northern mountain enclave of Iruya, the ad features all 1000 inhabitants.

Called Tipping Point, it begins with just one domino, which sets off a chain reaction of cascading objects, from wardrobes to cars toppling through the streets.

The climax sees 10,000 black and white books sculpted into a giant pint glass, each opening in turn to look like a pint of Guinness is being poured.

Iruya cafe owner Cesar Luis Arturo, 36, said hordes of tourists were pouring in for a pint of stout, but they were leaving disappointed.

He said: "We are now famous for something we don't have."

Guinness lovers Phillip and Jackie Green travelled from Liverpool hoping to enjoy a pint in the "domino town".

Jackie, 48, said: "Phil wanted to brag to his mates about having a pint in the village. He was very disappointed."

Guinness marketing manager Paul Cornell said: "Sadly, Iruya does not have the infrastructure to support our draught products."

source -The Daily Record

Isn't that sad.

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