Watch Out on Saturday

If you're in Norn Iron. You may notice people who are acting strange and wearing strange looking outfits. There may be people you notice that look like they've just been released from any of our fine mental institutions.These people, most probably, all have a one track mind. Yes, they want to get back to Belfast. I'm not implying that all Belfast people are mentally ill and wear strange outfits, but I do know a few like that.

On Saturday
the second Northern Ireland Cannonball Run is taking place from the Shaw's Bridge Sports Ground in Belfast. They're raising money for the Northern Ireland Leukaemia Research Fund.

The concept of the Cannonball Run is as follows: Teams of three people will be deposited at a mystery location (in any of the nine counties of Ulster), and be required to make their way back to Shaw's Bridge without any money or assistance (no mobiles or GPS!). Various tasks will need to be completed along the way, and teams will need to follow a designated route.

You may have noticed in the quote
and teams will need to follow a designated route.
The word used, describing the route they take, is designated.The word is not, traditional. So they shouldn't encounter any counter demonstrations.

For more info on this event and how to contribute to a worthwhile cause take a look at their website.

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