Johnny mustn't have trained his pup correctly.

I'm sure dog owners realise that rules like given by Stan Rawlinson, work.
Commands: Avoid giving your dog commands that you know you cannot enforce. Every time you give a command that is neither complied with nor enforced your dog learns that commands are optional. One command should equal one response, so give your dog only one command (twice max!), then gently enforce it. Repeating commands tunes your dog out (as does nagging) and teaches your dog that the first several commands are a "bluff '. For instance, telling your dog to "Sit, sit, sit, sit!", is neither an efficient nor effective way to issue commands. Simply give your dog a single "Sit" command and gently place or lure your dog into the sit position, then praise/reward.
If Johnny had started to enforce rules earlier in his pup's life things might have been different.

Mad Dog’ son is jailed after cop car chase

THE SON of former Ulster terrorist Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair has been jailed after a police car chase.

Officers spotted banned driver Jonathan Adair junior, known as ‘Mad Pup’, behind the wheel on his way home from the gym.

And this week the reckless stunt cost the 22-year-old seven months behind bars...

Defending unemployed Adair, Glenn Davis told the Sheriff that Adair’s father was keen to keep his son away from the life of crime he has lived in the past...

His father has expressed anger at his continued offending and is determined his son will keep on the right side of the law and that he will not emulate the criminal record held by his father....

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