Is this the correct way to compile a link list?

Make up my own names for the blogs?

Reciprocal linking?

Linking to anyone who proves they read this blog by commenting on it?

For those listed below if you've an alternative title for your blog let me know.


Adam said...

Well, I've been know to drift by and read your fine words....

ejh said...

Change it? No way, it's links like these that keep me as the number search result. Thusly making me the Handsomest Ed in the entire world.

My ego finds this favourable.

Alan in Belfast said...


CyberScribe said...

Adam, did you get the cheque OK for posting that comment? ;-)

HANDSOME ED the blogosphere must be really BIG with an ego the size of yours in it ;-)

Alan, I was nearly calling you after a local bank.