Chris Thornton on Wikipedia?

I noticed a couple of articles in the Belfast Telegraph by Chris Thornton. One was...

Website reveals the weakest links

One of the Internet's best resources has often been beset by falsifiers. Chris Thornton reports on a new website that helps track them down - and shows that some come from Northern Ireland

What connects Gerry Adams, the Vatican, the Northern Ireland Office, MI5 and the Infant Jesus of Prague?...

And another relating to Wikipedia...

Civil Service caught up in web scandal

Northern Ireland Civil Service computers have been used to make sectarian, malicious and lewd comments on Wikipedia, according to a new website that exposes anonymous contributors to the online encyclopedia...
My immediate reaction to these reports is to read the listing for Chris Thornton and the results at the time I visited Wikipedia are

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I'll admit I was tempted to create a page, but I didn't and won't. However,it'll be interesting to see the page when it is created. Those civil servants need some amusement, apparently.

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