On a Sunday afternoon.

This afternoon, I could just about make out the wailing of the ASBO Gospel Choir in the distance interrupted occasionally by Pastor Psychopath preaching. Suddenly through my letterbox a gospel tract is dropped. I started to read it...

A young man was visiting some houses with Gospel tracts. At one door he knocked but received no answer. However, he kept on knocking and later heard someone coming down the stairs. Eventually the door was opened, but only slightly. He reached out a tract to the man, who grabbed it, and closed the door. It all seemed a bit strange.....

During the following week he visited the same house again and knocked at the door. He did not have to knock twice. The door was opened at once and the man said to him, "Come in, I would like to talk to you." Then he led the young man upstairs. Opening a door he led his visitor into a room where a frightening scene awaited them. From a roof beam hung a rope. At the end of the rope there was a noose, and beneath the noose stood a box. The man continued, "The reason why I brought you up here is to tell you that last Sunday when you knocked my door, I was standing on that box. My head was in that noose, and I was ready to jump off, and commit suicide. My life had been ruined by sin, and I did not want to live any longer. Just then I heard you knocking and I wondered what to do. Should I jump off and finish everything, or should I go down and answer the door for the last time? As you know, I went down, and received this tract, and God has so blessed the message to me that He has saved my soul and saved my life."

I'm sure Pastor Psychopath mentioned the word faith during his sermon this afternoon and I think I'd need more faith to believe that story. If you had considered committing suicide a week ago would you still leave the noose hanging? How many roof beams have you in your house that would be handy to hang yourself on? Honestly now, could a reason to kill yourself be 'My life had been ruined by sin, and I did not want to live any longer'?

Sunday afternoon reading, who needs Sunday papers?

For anyone who reads this and is feeling suicidal,
talk to someone.