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Mozilla FirefoxImage via WikipediaI'd hardly read the blog post Can Zemanta help you write better blog posts? and downloaded the Firefox plugin Zemanta. I don't normally find it difficult to find something to blog about. I don't normally need a prompt like today's on livejournal...

What happened the first time you were left home alone as a child?

I can't remember what happened the first time I was left alone as a child. I remember being left at a boarding school the first time.

I'll start waffling a bit here, I need another 90 characters before this plugin starts to give me suggestions.

I attended boarding school out in West Africa as a child and remember being very upset when I was left there at the age of 7.

Oh look the suggestions have appeared already, Thank God. The first suggestion is from an article WordPress Wednesday News I'm blogging from blogger so that suggestion isn't that relevant to me. The next is an article about Zemanta which was posted two weeks ago. There is now on the sidebar as I blog, a gallery and I've added the 'firefox' image to the blog post quicker than I could add an image normally. I've also let the blog be ZEMIFIED and hopefully added and applied 6 links and 8 tags to this post. Next time I blog I'll not use the word Zemanta and see what happens.

Oh, isn't this fun! Zemanta has put the fun back into blogging whether or not it has made me write better blog posts I'll never know unless someone tells me.

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