On the 1st of April.

Back in 2006, a blog was born. It was entitled Slugger O'Fool ...

As group of bloggers and journalists we've decided to form the first Slugger O'Toole tribute blog.This will be, as Slugger is described as; a news and research portal, looking at various strands of political aspects of life in Northern Ireland. It'll bring together comment from a full range of the political spectrum that should be of interest to the specialist and the general reader. SluggerO'Fool runs on a blogspot technology, which allows us to connect audiences in Northern Ireland and throughout the world. We track parallel issues in the Republic of Ireland, Britain and the wider world, focusing on particular subject areas like the economy, cultural issues or the environment. The primary language of Slugger O’Fool is English, but from time to time we also blog in Irish & Ulster Scots. Slugger O'Fool is edited and written by researcher and political analyst Little Mick, with a growing team of bloggers from across the political spectrum.Slugger O'Fool records news, commentary and diverse opinion on Northern Ireland.

Although there was only one blog post, so far, on Slugger O'Fool it is well worth visiting to view the sites that are linked to on the sidebar. One that caught my eye was Wanker's Corner

We have outrageous parties and love to have small groups celebrate their special event here. YOU can shock your friends by having your next party at the wankers corner Don't face another party at someones house where everyone stands around looking at the knicknacks while bumping into the coffee table. Break the tradition and let Wanker's give you a party that will tarnish your reputation. For a lousy 15 bucks we'll give the guest of honor a Wanker's coffee cup or beer glass, a key chain, and panties or boxers. Sure, joints with a good reputation are a dime a dozen, but we here at the wankers corner have taken ours right down the drain and become the "shame of the city." Please accept our apology for our tasteless attitudes and surliness. We've run off more customers than most places get, so come in and see why.

It is a Saloon and Cafe serving drinks like...

The supreme margarita! Jose Cuervo Gold, Cointreau, Sweet'n'Sour and a splash of Grand Marnier, on the rocks.

Our version of the favourite hangover cure.
Absolut Vodka and our own special recipe.

Chambord, Absolut Vodka, Sweet'n'Sour and Sprite, on the rocks.

What else will you find @ Slugger O'Toole Slugger O'Fool, call and find out today and join in the debate ;-)

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