District Policing Partnership (DPP) members are those members of the public who can demonstrate an interest in their local community, community safety or community policing issues. This can be gained either through employment or participation in the community voluntary sector. A DPP is a meaningful partnership between the district council, councillors and representatives of the local community for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of policing in that area. Also, the DPP will act as a forum for discussion and consultation on matters affecting the policing of the district, which it is responsible for. This will include, for example, the prioritisation of policing issues on behalf of local people.The strength of a DPP should emanate from the fact that it provides a unique opportunity for local people to shape local policing. The DPP should also be viewed as a mechanism for facilitating dialogue between the police and the local community.

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'I'm going to control this borough! Are you going to stop me?'

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"bleh.. life = shite. Ja?"

It is still the 1st of April, but it's true if you believe the papers.

NEWTOWNABBEY'S Shadow Mayor has been appointed to the local District Policing Partnership (DPP).
At nineteen, Kirsty Bell becomes the youngest member of the DPP and says she is "delighted" to be selected as one of four new members.
"Obviously I am delighted to have been successful and look forward to representing the voice of young people on the DPP," the Queen's History and Politics student said.
And the Ballyclare girl said her tender years will not hold her back from becoming an integral player on the DPP.
"My experience as Shadow Mayor of the Youth Council had provided me with good experience in chairing meetings and of course attending full council meetings has given me a good understanding in civic decision making. I look forward to playing a full part in all aspects of DPP work," she said.

And her role as a member of the DPP starts today, the 1st of April.

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