Creative Writers group in Sizzletown.

It must be over 6 years now since I attended a creative writing class and maybe 5 years since I was in a creative writing group. I'd toyed with the idea of starting a new one when I was living in Greyabbey, but never got around to it as I wouldn't be qualified enough to lead one. When writing blog posts what comes into my head goes straight on to the blog as I'm sure you've noticed. There isn't much thought or preparation composing the posts. I've missed people critiquing my work, so I was overjoyed to receive an e-mail from a group I'm in...

Posted by: "Info" info@creativewritersnetwork.org

Mon Mar 31, 2008 10:47 am (PDT)

Creative Writers Network presents

Burnavon Centre


Thursdays: April 10 and 24, May 8 and 22

7-9 pm

Creative Writing Classes

Establishing a Writers' Group

These workshops give participants an overview of how to establish a functioning writers' group in a rural area, using the internet to help members stay in contact and give each other the unique support and feedback such groups can provide. Stephen Hanson will take participants through writing exercises and give advice on how a new writers' group can establish themselves and access support.

Tammy Moore from the Creative Writers Network will be along to two of the workshops to explain how the internet can be used by writers wishing to work in common, and will set up a Livejournal literary blog page for each participant.

Participants will need a certain familiarity with computers, but no specialist knowledge is required.

An information session hosted by Mary Crooks at the Burnavon Centre on Thursday April 3 at 7pm.

Contact Arts & Cultural Development Officer Mary Crooks on
e mail:
Tel : 028 8676 9949

I called at the Burnavon Centre, which is a 20/30 minute drive for me, last night. There were 12 people that turned up from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of experience in writing. I haven't read or heard any of their work yet, but from the reaction last night things looks promising already.

The Livejournal literary blog, I'm not too sure about, I've a thing about livejournal as it always seems to awkward to comment on their blogs. If I was to start a
Livejournal literary blog what should I call it? What name could I use? Any suggestions?

Anyway, now I'll have to put my 'creative head' on and throw together 200 -300 words in preparation for the Creative Writers group in Sizzletown.


Grannymar said...

Sounds like a nice idea. I hope it goes well

CyberScribe said...

Thanks Grannymar. I 'll keep you updated :-)