Bloggers Wanted!

What artist has really impressed you recently? What work missed the point? What’s needed to boost the UK creative technology movement? What are the new areas, ideas and issues that need creative exploration...

If you're an artist investigating technologies in your work (form, process or content) or a fan of new media work InterventTech:>> invites you to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas with the broader network, and become an official IT blogger. Areas of interest can span New Media and Visual Arts, Performance and Live Arts, Music Sound and Sonic Art, Flash Animation, Video and Games, Computer, Net and Data art.

If your interested to give blogging a go, feel you have something to offer InterventTech and would like to build up a critical portfolio, just submit a short blog style piece about an artist, work or issue of your choice showcasing your views and writing style to claire@interventtech.net - If we like it, you'll be invited as a lead blogger.


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