When you retire you get a bus pass.

But not everyone.

In and around Ballymena there's the Gospel Bus. Now we hear that Ian Paisley has hinted when he retires he wants to take his "gospel bus" south to Oireland.
Ian Paisley has hinted how he plans to fill his time after retiring as Northern Ireland's first minister -- by taking a "gospel bus" south to mainly Catholic Ireland to win converts for his Protestant church.

Paisley told Irish media he would not be driving the converted camper van, which bears the slogan "Transporting the Gospel Jesus Christ and Him Crucified", but would be outside it using a loudspeaker to spread his beliefs.

I think that's a great idea as I live up North and I've heard him before. Hopefully he'll bring the Rev William McCrea with him. After all he'll need someone lead in worship, is that the correct Free P phrase.

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