The Stills Of Life.

I'm just one of many bloggers and readers responding to Grannymar's "The Stills Of Life".

Still proud ~ of the achievements of my nearest and dearest. Sometimes very small steps.

Still thinking ~ too much. And, procrastinating.

Still grateful
~ life's been good to me so far, as the old Eagles song went.

Still enjoying ~ friends and fun.Or was that fun and friends. Or fun with friends.

Still wondering ~ about some crimes ( I wasn't involved in) I reckon I've solved. I've still got a suspicious mind.I might just spill the beans on here sometime.

Still hoping ~ that I'll win the Lotto and be able to give nearly all the winnings away. I suppose it helps if I start doing it first.

Still working ~ as little as possible.

Still facing ~ forward.

Still pleased ~ to have all my own teeth, even though there are a few gaps appearing.That's a secret I keep with my dentist.

Still trying ~ to complete all "the stills of life" in a reasonably sensible fashion.

Still glad ~ all over.

Still amazed ~ that there is a possibility of some one actually reading this far down this list.

Still eating ~ too much.

Still dancing ~ slowly occasionally, with ?

Still breathing ~ Thank God, even though I have sleep apnoea.


Grannymar said...

I am fascinated so many people have taken up this challenge without being tagged.

Small steps lead to bigger ones so long as we take them one at a time.

StrayTaoist said...

While it was *one* of the Eagles (oul Joe W) sang "Life's Been Good", it wasn't an Eagles song.

Here endeth the pedantry.

CyberScribe said...

Grannymar, maybe we've all matured and don't need to be tagged :-)

Lord Taoist I forgot to add...

still forgetting ~ names.

Thanks I'd forgotten Mr Walsh's name :-)