On the 30th January 1976...

John Smiley (55) Protestant
Status: Civilian (Civ),
Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA)
Killed in bomb attack on Klondyke Bar, Sandy Row, Belfast.

In 1976, McGreevy was sentenced to 20 years for his part in the Klondyke bar bomb on Belfast's Sandy Row, which left one victim dead. Belfast Telegraph

Victim's sister highlights 'evil'
The sister of a man murdered in west Belfast has called for the community to come together against what she called "an evil in our society". Frank McGreevy died after being beaten up to 60 times in his home in Ross Street at the weekend.

Reminds me of the expression...

Live by the sword, die by the sword"
This is a metaphorical expression meaning that living one's life in a certain way will, in the end, affect one's destiny.

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