Plastic Paddy.

I've just completed a quiz on, you guessed it correctly, facebook. One of these annoying ones trying to get me to sign up here. It was, I suspect, an early quiz for next St Patrick's Day entitled "How Irish are you?" I tried my best to answer all the questions, incorrectly.

My result is: Plastic Paddy/ Not Irish
Your a plastic paddy or not Irish. You dont know the history let alone culture of Ireland. Better do some reading before St. Patricks day.

How long do I have now, to read up?


Grannymar said...

Go back and do it properly, then cxome and tell us what it says. I am sure by now you know i don't like facebook.

CyberScribe said...

I might try and copy and misuse the quiz. I couldn't do it properly, unless my Dr changes my medication ;-)