Would the last person to leave please switch off the lights.

I've finally left the Arse End of Ulster, also known as Greyabbey or Greba. I'll, no doubt, sometime expand on why I call that County Down village the Arse End Of Ulster.

I've moved to the outskirts of a town. The amenities close to me...

  • Countryside - over the back fence.
  • Petrol station/shop - 5 minute walk.
  • Dr's - 6 minute walk.
  • Dentist - 6 minute walk.
  • Library - 7 minute walk.
  • Pub - 8 minute walk.
  • Chippy - 8 minute walk.
  • Chinese - 9 minute walk.
  • Hotel/ nightclub - 9 minute walk.
  • Cinema -10 minute walk.
  • Leisure centre - 10 minute walk.

    It's a town that is a Tesco free zone .

    A town where the boy racers all drive BMW's. You'll hear them before you see them and when you do see them you'll never know who exactly is driving as they've all tinted windows on their the cars.

    I reckon my new blogging neighbours include Keith, Nelly, Mr Simbo and Hails and not forgetting (last seen blogging last year) Alistair and Alison.

    During my time away from the blogosphere I couldn't get away from seeing bloggers on TV. Rick on the Meteor awards. Mick looking into a political crystal ball. Will visiting a dermatologist.I also noticed Conall, on another political show.It's hard to get away from bloggers, even for a couple of weeks.It's even harder to keep away from blogging.

    Now when I turn this PC off I've to clamber over a few boxes and make my way to the door. Hopefully tomorrow there'll be fewer obstacles in my way.

    Grannymar said...

    Welcome back1 We missed you.

    Lula Bell said...

    If it has a free Tescos I want to move there too! ;-)

    CyberScribe said...

    Thanks Grannymar :-)

    Lula Bell.It hasn't even got an ASDA and I'm an ASDA man :-)

    Lula Bell said...

    just as I suspected... you've moved from the arse end of Ulster 2007, to the arse end of Ulster 2008. Hopefully you'll be too busy unpacking to notice!

    ellie said...

    Welcome Back. Hope you are happy in your new home. x

    CyberScribe said...

    Lula, I noticed that Greyabbey had only 4 new houses built in the last 5 years.They were terrace houses beside the public bogs.Other nearby towns like Kircubbin, Carrowdore,Ballywalter etc have a lot more developments.That's one reason I call Greyabbey the Arse End Of Ulster. There are other reasons.No doubt where I'm living now the housing developments etc will stop and no doubt I'll gurn about the place after a few years and call it...

    ellie, Thanks!I hope things work out OK for you and Bastard Face gets what he deserves.From what I've read I know exactly what I'd give him.It would probably include lots of little pellets aimed at...

    Guess what folks I can't seem to finish sentences like... :-)

    Lula Bell said...

    ach now dont get me wrong... I'd far prefer to live somewhere with no developments, no shops, no neighbours and preferably surrounded by a moat and several large cannon but one persons arse end is different from the next persons... although in the great scheme of things they're probably all alike. :)

    CyberScribe said...

    yea Lula, I reckon even people living in their castles surrounded by moats and cannons are the same as Joe Blogs from the arse end of blogosphere :-) Don't you just love that word BLOGOSPHERE:-) ;-)

    Lula Bell said...

    No fair! You fight dirty! LOL