Doctor Doctor.

The Mrs is just back from the Doctors. She's got what the doctor terms as a viral infection. The Dr said that if one member of the family gets it it'll probably spread around the rest of the house.I'm just recovering from what my Mrs called 'Man Flu'.It's the first time in twenty years that I've had to take antibiotics and all the sympathy I got from anyone and everyone is "Ah, it's a touch of 'man flu' you'll be as right as rain soon". Now I'm worried, if I had 'man flu' and my wife has something similar. What is it she's got?

At the Doctors, my wife informs me,a name flashed up on the screen for the Doctor to see. My Mrs tried her best to conceal her amusement when she noticed it. The name was Mr W.J. Dripps. It could be Willie John Dripps. I wonder what his complaint, or illness is?


Grannymar said...

Was he a big Dripp or a little one? :D

Take care and wrap up warm. County Antrim is a very cold place!

CyberScribe said...

Grannymar, I didn't see W.J.when I was at the doctors I noted a Miss Sufferin being called. I think I've moved to the town with a lot of strange names.