Children in need, or is it?

Yes it's Pudsey on the loose ,the dreaded Children in Need, again. David Gordon, from the 'Tele', questions if the BBC Northern Ireland presenters working on the Children in Need programme get paid for it. I'd say if they do a job they should get paid for it and it's entirely up to them if they want to give any of their wages to a charitable organisation. It's what the charities spend the money on interests me. From encounters I've had with local charities and the people they claim to support I've found that 75% of their income and effort is spent on 'admin'. The word administration is a great word that is used to cover up what really happens to money that's donated.I understand that a certain amount of money needs to be used on 'admin', but the money that is misused I'm sure would shock us all. I remember friends that went on a free drinking weekend because a local charity had an extra £3000 to spend on an educational course. "Let's have a break and make up our own certificates and present them to the course participants on it". OK, I was slightly jealous I wasn't participating but glad looking back as I'd find that misuse of charity funds hard to live with. I know people who are in genuine need today who are members of charitable organisations and these organisations do, as they say, Sweet FA. Though the people who work for and run the organisations don't , as they say, have a care in the world.
So if you're thinking about donating to any charity, just think who your money is really going to.


Alan in Belfast said...

At least with the CIN example, if the presenters were being paid (as I imagine the cameramen have to be) the money will have been coming from the licence fee and not from CIN donations.

I do sometimes wonder how much the clipboard-holding please-sign-up-for-charity-X workers in Belfast earn? Particularly since it's obviously a full-time profession for some - just needing to change their branded waterproof coat each day before going out to sign up people for the next charity.

Manuel Estimulo said...

I would sooner watch England play football.

Is a joke!!

CyberScribe said...

Manuel, I heard that because you watched them, they won. ;-)

I beseech that thou watcheth Northern Ireland this evening.

Alan, if I'm approached by any of them I make up a sob story about not having a bank account due to identity theft or something like that

Alan in Belfast said...

With a waterlogged pitch, the match looks like it's now in doubt!

Alan in Belfast said...

Though it went ahead, and they won!

CyberScribe said...

And, I think
They're off to sunny Spain... next.