Your Messages, please.

This looks interesting, from the blueblog...

One thing I'm really pleased we are doing this Autumn, is re-releasing the astonishing Messages , written by Lynne Rees & Sarah Salway.

If you've not come across it before, this book was written as 300, 300 word stories/writings over a period of a year, with each being a response to the previous, if you see what I mean.

i.e. One of them wrote something, and the other read it and composed a response to it within 72 hours. An amazing achievement, when you think about it. Especially as what they actually wrote between them is really good.

Anyway, for the re-release, we wanted to do something a bit special, and I'm really pleased to say that throughout November, Lynne and Sarah will be encouraging other writers to join in the fun at their lovely new bloggy web site http://www.yourmessages.org/.

What we are going to do is:

1. On each day during November, Lynne or Sarah will upload a 'Message' and anybody that wants to write a 300 word response will be welcome to add it to the site.

2. At the end of November, the pair of them will select the best of the responses, and they will be showcased there and on the bluechrome site.

3. As that isn't really a good enough ending to this particular story, we will also be producing a book, to be called Your Messages, that will be launched early next year, and all of those included will be invited along to read their work, alongside Lynne & Sarah who will be answering questions about the whole project, and no doubt knocking back the sherry while they mingle. (They do mingle so very well)

4. All of the profits from the sale of the Your Messages book will be donated to a charity of Sarah & Lynnes' choice.

The first Message will be uploaded on 1st November...so don't miss it.

It's good to see bloggers doing this, Sarah blogs @ Sarah's writing journal and Lynne @ an open field. If you're keen to practice before the start in November, try it here. So remember to bookmark,visit and comment @ http://writeyourmessages.blogspot.com and tell your friends and your granny about this.


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Old Knudsen said...

Whats a matter you don't want swearing and genius? huh some people.

CyberScribe said...

Mr Knudsen. My ploy has worked as no doubt, by commenting on this post, you have been noticed and will be read by the 'Centre half' @ bluechrome.I look forward to seeing your 300 word comment @ http://writeyourmessages.blogspot.com :-)

Old Knudsen said...

As if I could jabber on for 300 words, can ya no make it more my rash has flared up again and theres a funny story attached, when I say funny I really mean I think its funny but others may find it replusive and the last thing I need right now is the peelers calling at me door or looking in my garage.

CyberScribe said...

Mr Knudsen.You should try to write something original (for you).It would probably help your mental health as I fear your frequent visits to the GUM clinic have infected you.