Last night I had a dream...

I dreamt I saw a man stumbling, trying to run, followed by two other men. He looked like he was carrying a child. The men following him were saying 'It's OK Gerry we'll help you hide her' A booming voice, as though it was God speaking, echoed 'You can't hide anything from me'. The man kept running. The strange thing about the dream was , when I woke up this morning I remembered the dream. I also remembered what the man carrying the child looked like, so I quickly sketched the image that I'd dreamt.

Stranger still, when reading the news @ the Guardian I noticed that a similar picture had been drawn. Could this be a message from God? Am I the anointed one that God has chosen to solve this mystery? If I have any more dreams or visions I'll share them here.


Hails said...

OK, seriously?!

I'm a little freaked out. (That's the technical term.) Oh, and the guy's face is more detailed on your drawing - maybe you should hand it over to the police!

Old Knudsen said...

Don't eat cheese or read about Maddie before bed. The McCanns are only guilty of child neglect.