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Giants Causeway
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Man Makes Replica Of National Landmark Out Of Cheese
A man from Bangor in Northern Ireland's seaside town of Bangor is hoping to go into the record books as the first person to have modelled the Giant's Causeway out of Mini Babybel cheese.

An elated Simon Pole told our arts correspondent:

"This is dead brilliant so it is an' all. See? I've spent twenty years on this like an' it's just stickin' out to be going into the record books. Just friggin great. Here can I say friggin?"

And Mr Pole's good news doesn't end there because at the time of going to press trendy London art gallery, Tate Modern, has made a bid for the work. Their spokesman on preposterous acquisitions, Tarquin Boyd-Manningtree, comments:

"Well you see, a large crack has opened up in the floor of the Tate and we think that perhaps all this cheese might be melted down and used to fill it in so to speak.

We have pukka, wicked, chav-boy chef, Jamie Oliver, lined up with an army-surplus flame-thrower and we're going to charge mugs with more dough than sense £2000 a pop to see him doing it.

It's a cause way too good to miss! Quipped the upper class oik as he made what he regarded as having been an amusing quip or joke if you will.

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