Keeping the ship afloat.

It's sad to read...
McCartneys may leave NI 'to heal'
A sister of murdered Belfast man Robert McCartney has spoken of her need to leave Northern Ireland to try to heal.

Paula McCartney said it was "soul destroying" as the family were continually running into people they believe are linked to the murder.

Mr McCartney, 33, was beaten and stabbed to death outside a bar near Belfast city centre on 30 January 2005.

It is understood Paula is considering moving to Spain, while her sister Catherine may emigrate to Australia.

Paula said: "We are not running away either from Robert's killers or from the campaign. I believe I need not to be in this country for a while, should it be a year or two years or whatever.

"For me, personally, I need healing and I can't do it here."

She said her mother did not have much faith in Northern Ireland and was totally behind her children's decisions...


Catherine said that last week's Policing Board meeting was told Sinn Fein was co-operating and had encouraged members to come forward.

"The impression was given that Sinn Fein had done all they can," she said.

However, she said they had also spoken to the officer investigating the murder who told them that Sinn Fein was "not helpful".

"What I see is that it's all about the politics, it's not about the people. It's about keeping Sinn Fein and the DUP's ship afloat," she said.

This, to me, seems to say so much about what really is happening here in Northern Ireland. I'm sure there are many more victims who's voices haven't been heard are saying the same as the McCartney's. Many more victims suffering everyday. Today it's been announced that
The Stormont First Minister and Deputy First Minister pledged their full support to whoever is eventually appointed as a Victims Commissioner before the end of the year.
Surely helping the victims of the troubles should be made a priority.

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