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Sean O'Reilly, author of the foreword
“Worders are thresholds where the self suddenly understands where it stands in the world. They aspire to being as instantaneous as a text message but can be thought about again and again as small parables of human life. The luminous moment must fade… but the memory remains and is transformed into language by these writers co-operating across global boundaries. Here, then, is a stimulating and often moving collection of new writing born from the fusion of today’s technology with the human experience of the vastness of every passing moment.”
In this fast-moving age of juggling work and family life, commuting and queuing, overtime competing with quality time, it has become harder for people to find extended opportunities to relax and read. The Wonderful World of Worders is our panacea – a restful lay-by on the manic motorway that is our daily lives.

Worders are micro-stories varying from 60 to 250 words. Our collection – lovingly gathered, nurtured and presented by Jenni Doherty – contains 525 Worders from 72 authors and 27 countries. The stories are alive with originality, craft, emotion and ideas from all walks of life and corners of the world, many first created within online writing communities. They range from contemporary modern-day issues to horror, from science fiction to romance, humour to grief, religion to satire, philosophy to surrealism, experimental to wacky – all genres and styles that we have come to expect from full novels.

Fresh, fast and fun, this collection proves we can communicate at anytime, any place and anywhere. It also proves that fiction continues to be a stimulating, challenging, boundary-breaking genre with many dimensions still to be explored. Let the literary adventure begin!

Launch on Friday 12 October at 7.15pm in the Verbal Arts Centre, Derry

You can buy this book directly from the publishers and Jenni owes me another drink or a free copy or two of the book.

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PenJen said...

Alright - 'Tis payback time. I'll drop a wee Worder in the post to ye after the weekend, Mister C. In the meantime I plan to eat my words and string a few Carlsbergery sentences togeffer da next few days and nights and early mornings and...