I've been caught on.

I'd been quietly blogging away, minding everybody else's business and only posted links to a couple of blogger's profiles. It was the type of blog post I didn't really care if anyone read it. The type of blog post were I deliberately avoided naming the ego I was indirectly blogging about. So it was a pleasant surprise to receive an e-mail from a blogger that had been mentioned by the blogger that I'll refer to as the ego, who I was indirectly blogging about. It's one reason for me to add his blog to my Google Reader list. Another reason is, as written on the blog itself

About Me

Malcolm Redfellow
Malcolm featured in the columns of "Trinity News", the student weekly of Trinity College, Dublin, in the early 1960s. He worked in public education. He was a borough councillor and parliamentary candidate. He retired. He was bored. He blogged.
It's also a really good read.

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Cailleach said...

I didn't realise you'd moved! Anyway - you've been tagged :) Books :)