Did you hear the one about?

On a political blog there's a guy earnestly desiring fame and fortune by publishing a book about, yes you've guessed it, blogs. I'm sure it'll sell to most of the bloggers he's listed already on his blog that are mentioned in the book.However,there are three bloggers on the list that are a bit more discerning and I'm sure will see through the real reason for this guy's latest project and won't buy it.
The blog post about the Top Twenty Irish Blogs had a few jokes worth repeating the next time I visit my Granny in County Kerry and so you don't miss out out on the fun my Granny will have I thought I'd share them here.

Comments about the Irish bloggers...

Newmania said...
Did you hear about the Irish abortion clinic ? There was a 12 month waiting list !

Did you hear about the Irish helicopter crash? The pilot got so cold he turned the fan off !

Hear about the Irish cookery programme ? They were going to make ice but lost the recipe

How do you sink an Irish submarine - Knock on the hatch

Why do Irish men wear two condoms - to be sure , to be sure

Why aren`t Junior Orangemen called Satsuma men?

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Oh, and the one about the Titanic? Took ten thousand Irishmen to build it, and one Englishman to sink it.


Old Knudsen said...

I thought an Iceberg luttuce sunk it, those bloody sassenachs are up to alsorts.

I shall rush out and not buy the book as I am too busy blogging, I'm living the dream.

CyberScribe said...

Old K, you should write a book I'm sure it'd sell more than the one I've referred to.

CW said...

And there was me thinking Bernard Manning was dead and buried.

CyberScribe said...

CW, Bernard Manning = ghost blogger?
Also you've given me an idea for another blog. I'd call it 'If Bernard Manning blogged', though on second thoughts I'll not start another as Old Knudsen is probably already doing it :-)