For those who visit this blog from afar, my 10 most recent bookmarks @ del.icio.us
  1. Northern Ireland Peace Counts Podcast

    In Northern Ireland, Joe Doherty and Peter McGuire belonged to armed, feuding underground groups. Both spent many years behind bars...

  2. Westmonster

    ...aims to bring you what's going on in Westminster, from the insane to the mundane.

  3. Patrick Kielty Opens Night in November in October

    Patrick Kielty will make his West End debut in A Night in November, which will return to London next month for a limited season at Trafalgar Studios, where it will have a limited season in the 400-seat Studio 1 from 15 October to 1 December 2007.

  4. Political Analyst's Stunning New Novel Explores Conflict in Ireland

    The Ghost Man by Malcolm Haslett is a ripped-from-the-headlines novel of the Irish conflict told by an Irishman who experienced it...

  5. Tony Blair’s fixer in chief to reveal Ulster peace manoeuvres

    Great Hatred, Little Room will be published by Bodley Head next April to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Good Friday deal.

  6. TheStar.com | Ontario Election | The roots of discord over religious schools

    Conservative Leader John Tory's provocative campaign call for public funding for all faith-based schools, or for none, has many Ontarians wondering how Roman Catholics came to have a separate system in the first place...

  7. The Vulgarities of web ads - Why Internet Marketing/Advertising still sucks in 2007

    This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. I’m probably going to be launching a few new blogs...

  8. WFU Press wins NEA funds to publish Irish poetry anthology

    Wake Forest University Press has been chosen by the National Endowment for the Arts to publish an anthology of Northern Irish poetry through the endowment’s International Literary Exchange program.

  9. Why Brownlee Stayed

    Good news. The New Yorker is going to get a truly world-class poet to be its poetry editor. Paul Muldoon will take over the famous magazine in the world's greatest city...

  10. Clones Film Festival

    The 6th Clones Film Festival will be held on the October Bank holiday weekend 24th - 28th October.

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