A game played by two teams of 15 players each on a rectangular field...

Rugby. Yes, I believe that 30 men will be chasing an odd shaped ball around a field later today. One of the men has an odd name, at least I think it's odd. Schalk Burger, not Angus Burger and not available with french fries. He's South African and we all know what a South African burger is, don't we?

To get you all into the mood to watch the highlights, on the news, of what those 30 men get up to...
image from - sobrugby.com

Why do rugby players like smart women?

Opposites attract.


Rugby player in Chinese restaurant:
"Waiter, these noodles are a bit crunchy."
Waiter: "That's because they're the chopsticks, sir."


A man went to the doctor one day and said: "I've just been playing Rugby and when I got back I found that when I touched my legs, my arms, my head, my tummy and everywhere else, it really hurt." So the doctor said: "You've broken your finger."

Anyway, I'm away to mow the lawn.

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