Reasons to be cheerful.

I was watching the BIG EGO show on UTV yesterday, more commonly known as UTV Life. They'd announced the latest winner of the UTV Autumn Driveaway, then they phoned her. I couldn't believe it when I heard her saying 'My granddaughter works for UTV I'll see her on Monday'. So I had to check out their site, where it stated...
Unfortunately and unknown to us the contestant drawn on Friday to win the car is related to a member of staff here at UTV which makes the draw invalid. We’ll be re-drawing for the prize on Monday on UTV Life in line with our terms and conditions.
As the unfortunate person has already won an 'in-car DVD player' I wonder will she have to give it back.I could read the terms and conditions section but I won't. Let's see on Monday. Maybe not, I'll let someone else tell me as there's only a certain amount of EGO I can stomach.

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