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Sorry, I meant Londonderry.

If you visit DerryVisitor.Com you'd want to visit the walled city too.

Dominating the Northwestern landscapes of Ireland, astride the flowing waters of the Foyle, is a 6th Century city that today resonates to the sounds of the 21st Century.

Among the happiest of those sounds is the multi-lingual chatter of more international visitors than ever - from conference delegates and backpackers to cruise passengers and tourists of all kinds - who are discovering the delights of a compact city which is unlike any other.

Londonderry, also known as Derry, is the sparkle in the friendly eye of one of our most beautiful regions. It's a centre of culture and creativity, and is now as famous for its confident modern outlook as it is for the timeless quality of its craic.

Meander through the bustling streets of the only completely Walled City in the British Isles and listen to the echoes of 1450 years of history. Stroll along its 17th century Walls, and marvel at the the ever-changing skyline of a city which is constant only in in the warmth of its welcome. Here you can expect many a smile of greeting from people who are noted worldwide for their friendly hospitality.

Gateway to Ireland's Northwest, our city is pulsing with life, resonant with centuries of heritage and passion, yet fresh as an Atlantic breeze.

This is a joyful regional centre filled with celebration and inspiration, as manifested in the number and quality of our festivals and special events throughout the year. Energetic, outward looking and high-spirited, this is truly a city for all seasons.

You might change your mind, if you read the news...

A full-scale riots erupted in the centre of Londonderry in the early hours after exiting nightclub revellers clashed with police.
Hundreds of people were involved in the disturbances during which paving slabs were torn from the ground and hurled at police and business premises broken into.
The trouble started at around 2am when police involved in a routine "nightlife patrol" were attacked by a hostile crowd
It was 4am before officers in full riot gear finally restored order, said a Police Service of Northern Ireland spokesman.
An off-licence and other retail premises around Shipquay Street and the Guildhall were broken into and stolen bottles of drink used as missiles against the police.
Fencing and paving stones were used as missiles against the police and a BBC marquee damaged and plasma screens inside destroyed.
At least two officers were injured and PSNI Inspector John Burrows said it could have easily been more.
He said: "It was extremely dangerous, the officers had to wear riot helmets, they had to have pads on, they had to use shields and armoured Land Rovers.
"It simply would have been too dangerous for police officers to confront the crowd throwing bricks and paving slabs. It was only that equipment that prevented more officers being injured.
One civilian was injured and taken to hospital for treatment and police said one male was arrested.
As police prepared to examine CCTV footage of the city centre they appealed for any witnesses to contact them.

On the other hand, if that's your thing and you need that extra excitement in your life you know where to go. It's reassuring to know, even after all the hype about peace in Northern Ireland, that some things still remain the same

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