A Big Cure?

It's sad to hear the news over the last couple of days firstly about Jane Tomlinson and then Luciano Pavarotti both taken by the Big C. There's not much I can say apart from pointing you to words by Apprentice @ my gap year written on the post Jane Tomlinson:"The date of diagnosis is not the date of death"
Here's to the time when this disease is beaten and women like Jane get to see their children grow up.
May that day be very soon! Here's hoping for a big cure!


Adam said...

With my Mum fighting cancer and my Dad dead of it, all I can say is "the sooner, the better".

CyberScribe said...

Da-in-law had an 8 hour operation to remove cancerous growth/cells, he'd been diagnosed with mouth cancer. He's still running around though he's suffering from COPD and had a scare recently which made him give up smoking after smoking for over 50 years. A Dr told him if he didn't give up he'd be dead inside 6 months.

I've a cousin who is presently involved in research looking for cures for the Big C and as you've said 'the sooner the better'