Factor X

Definition of X, factor

X, factor: A coagulation factor, a substance in blood essential to the normal clotting process. Production of factor X takes place in the liver and requires vitamin K. The gene for factor X is located on chromosome 13 and is in band 13q34.

The "X" in factor X is the Roman numeral "ten." (All numbered coagulation factors bear Roman numerals.) Factor X became known because of a genetic condition in which the factor is lacking.

Factor X deficiency is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait manifest by prolonged nose bleeds, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, menorrhagia (abnormally heavy menstrual bleeding), hematuria (blood in the urine), and hemarthrosis (bleeding into joints). Pregnancy in women with factor X deficiency is often associated with adverse fetal outcomes (recurrent spontaneous abortion, placental abruption, and premature birth).

Factor X is also called Stuart-Prower factor because Mr. Stuart and Miss Prower were the first persons shown to have deficiency of this factor. source - MedicineNet.Com

X Factor, now that's something else. When it's on TV I'll , more than likely, watch it. I don't know when it'll sink in with the general public and some of the would be stars that it is a quick money making opportunity for Simon Cowell. I'd enjoy it if they let people sing their own original material, as there's a time limit for TV karaoke competitions. I haven't researched any of the previous winners to check if any are writing and producing new material, though maybe by the time they do write and produce their own material their contracts with Simon Cowell have run out. It may be that he doesn't want really talented performers to succeed in the show as he couldn't keep them long enough to make much money from them.

One disturbing aspect of the show is the way they treat some of the contestants. On last Saturday's show there were a few that obviously had learning disabilities. The panel which included Simon Cowell took the piss. It wouldn't be accepted if it was racially motivated piss taking, or if it was related to a persons sexual orientation. It's easy with someone who has a learning disability and the chances of them complaining are slim.If you watch it on one of the early rounds take a look at the bullies on the panel, has the bullying changed much from times in the school playground?

The X Factor seems to be all over the blogosphere. Shaun Rogerson an ex X Factor contestant is blogging at Unreality TV.

On X Factor.Com a Northern Irish girl

gowerjulie wrote:
I was at the X- FACTOR Auditions this year but i only got to the second round of the Production stage but theres always next year!! My Uncle trains me dont know what id do without him.

I started performing at a school country and western night, I then attended singing lessons with pop idols voice trainer in the Ulster college school of music. I was asked to sing at my singing teachers concert for charity which was a real pleasure.

In 2001 I was chosen to sing on the famous George Jones Show in The Ulster Hall in Belfast after singing live on his radio show radio Ulster. In 2004 I won castle fms search for a star contest judged by citybeats stuart robinson as part of my prize I was taken in a limo to record a demo and perfomed at roadshows. My acting teacher let me sing at events, such as the lagan lookout in Belfast, which is a great way to get out there and gain confidence and experience and get talking to people. I completed a sommersong course in rostrever where we meet the man who discovered the band U2 and received advice from professionals in the industry, which was fantastic. At the end of the course we performed to an audience and recorded a demo in a studio in southern Ireland. I sang for musican of the year award and in many venues acroos northern Ireland including the waterfront, oddesy, Newcastle, lisburn to name a view Last year I made it through to the final 10 in Miss Nothern Ireland Contest which was fabulous and was a fantasic opportunity and experience to be involved in. I have did acting examinations through attending one to one acting tuition with a teacher from a theatre company. My acting teacher gave me many opportunities as I presented on the UTV and the BBC Television on numerous occasions and interview celebrities at a huge event called soccormagic in the oddesy pavilion in Belfast such as Dermot o, leory and ralph little from royal family.

I have been to many masterclasses and workshops in cincluding; Presenting with Kristine blakley, Acting with actors from coronation street , eastenders and emmerdale. Music composing with composer of lord of the rings to name a few, At the workshops I said a few pieces to the camera. I have also given a public speech infront of a large opening day to encourage other children to get involved in workshops and masterclasses. i love singing and i am trying to prmote myself, i enjoy modelling and presenting alot too, thanks for visiting and come again soon.

Do you think she's got, what they call, the X Factor? Watch and listen...

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CW said...

Each to their own I suppose, but I can't see rthe attraction myself. I want to see people making fools of themselves singing badly in front of a crowd of a crowd of sneering onlookers I'll go to my local pub on a Friday night. And get better entertainment value. And not come home smelling of smoke. Oh, to be thankful for small mercies.