The buck stops here.

Rhys Jones' family said they blame the parents of their son's killer and urged them to do the right thing by turning him in. Mrs Jones, 41, said yesterday: "It's horrendous. What kind of people are they? What are their parents doing is what I want to know. They must know it's their kid. They must know what they're up to - or don't they care?" The grieving mother continued: "I blame the parents most of all. There are no boundaries any more. There's no respect."If their parents had any thought about our pain and what we have lost they'd turn in their son."Mr Jones, 44, added that parents had a responsibility for their children and "somewhere along the line the guy that shot my son has gone very wrong".source
If the government would think along the lines of "parental responsibility" and provide extra parenting support for parents with learning difficulties , parents who are drug addicts or alcoholics, things might've been different. To conclude,the parents who say "My Johnny would never do something like that" should be taken out and shot.


Nelly said...

I've met such parents. I don't know where their heads are at. I remember talking to one mum and trying to tell her that the 40+ man her 14 year old daughter was going for drives with was a seriously dodgy character who liked young girls. Her response?

My Lucinda would never let him do anything wrong! Anyway he's a nice man. He buys us all presents!

And the feral kids that hung around Dunclug - each and every one an angel with wings - according to their mums.

Old Knudsen said...

If they don't respect themselves then they won't respect others and a lot of how the parents act does rub off on the kids.

A lot of parents seem to turn into their parents rather than learning for themselves.

CyberScribe said...

Nelly when my daughter had just started secondary school a guy from the church we attended befriended us. He also was friendly with another family with at least two of their daughters under 16. At Christmas he bought us all a mobile phone each and the same for the other family too.we've lost touch with him, Thank God, but I always wondered about him.I'm also thankful he didn't harm any of my family.

old knudsen
I'd hate to turn into my parents, I think I'd top myself first.