Look who's the SUPERHERO now.

On Monday, the blogger who's blog I always find a delight to read; wrote...

My new name is Spazzy McGee!

I am such a spazz for not blogging! I'm getting far too lazy!

But i have now been Blogrolled by Cyberscribe Cyberscroll (he sounds like a Superhero) and he is a proper blogger so i might get some hits from his site, I have to keep blogging!

I will be back blogging this week!

Since then he's faced a couple of problems, but none that a superhero can't solve . The first was an MOT failure. Secondly, he says he's facing a dilemma and he says he needs our help but I know that Superhero Gohir doesn't. He'll choose both Gemma Atkinson and Holly Valance, he can do it.

As they say in County Tyrone, County Armagh and County Derry "Go on ye boy ye"


gOHIR said...

You don't know what a dilemma it is!! I need your help Super Scribe!

CyberScribe said...

I'd go for Holly Valance, but don't tell my Mrs:-)