Like Paul on the road to Damascus.

A year ago, I met the Lord.That must've been back in the days when the MLA's got 'Money for nothing' as the song goes.Back then I suggested...
In the hope that Lord Stray Taoist of Cambridge just might read this humble weblog I suggest that to help him govern our Wee Provence Lord Stray Taoist of Cambridge should take the position of First Minister with Stephen as Deputy. Nelly should oversee matters regarding the environment.Phil culture, arts and leisure. Ed education, sure that's what Ed is short for.Hootchinhannah enterprise, trade and investment and David transport. I actually don't want the responsibilty of office but would be glad to serve by being a member of the Committee on Procedures.

Just think if what I suggested then had been put into practice we'd have never seen or heard of the Chuckle Brothers.

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