I've been advised to...

Braces!!!Image by adwriter via Flickr
  1. Avoid cycling or excessive exercise for several hours. Ideally rest by sitting in a chair and use an extra pillow for the first night.
  2. Do not drink anything alcoholic for the first 24 hours and avoid smoking.
  3. Take any pain-killing tablets as advised by your dentist. Follow any instructions regarding dosage carefully.
  4. After six hours rinse your mouth gently with a warm salt solution [level teaspoon of salt to a cup of water] and continue after meals and before bed for seven days, or as advised by your dentist.
  5. You may feel the sharp edge of a socket with your tongue and occasionally small fragments of bone may work their way out. This is normal.
  6. Try not to disturb the socket with your tongue, by eating food on that side, or by vigorous rinsing. This will delay the healing process.

According to Billy...
  1. "You on a bike that'll be a first and the only exercise you do is Egyptian P.E, go on move that finger".
  2. "When I got any teeth out I'd be straight down to the pub and had a 'half-un'or maybe two or three"
  3. "Some of those dentists, you couldn't be sure about them and they charge the earth. For what? "
  4. "A warm salt solution, get down to the pub and get wasted and less of that shite. A warm salt solution, for fuck's sake"
  5. "Small fragments of bone, normal? My arse, if he did the job properly he'd have got the whole tooth and all the bloody fragments out"
  6. "Try not to disturb. You should still be wearing that I am disturbed t-shirt. Showing me that stupid list I'll delay the bloody healing process you wingnut"


Hails said...

Ouch. I feel your pain, my friend.

(Thought someone should make up for Billy)

CyberScribe said...

Thanks Hails! :-)

I've had a lifetime of enduring an attitude similar to Billy's, my Mum was a nurse and should've worked for the Gestapo. Trying to get off school sick, was impossible with her.