Ed was in a dilemma and I thought it'd be interesting to see what suggestions Zementa would give him on what he wrote ...

You may have noticed that yesterdays post was something of a lame effort. I blame the fact that I was out on Thursday night and slept in a little on Friday, but that’s not important right now…

I was appropriately chastised for this lack of effort. And then again, this afternoon I was chastised for not having something new, fresh and interesting content up. But sure, it’s Saturday; I can’t be expected to be bright and funny too early in the morning. Anyway, this morning I was busy with my whirley-bird obsession this morning; apparently posting from 50 foot over Strangford Lough would be considered somewhat reckless…

Anyway, as I say, I was chastised. But then, why? What kind of content is appropriate to respond with?

  • A silly quiz, such as has been the stable of this place for a very long time?
  • A semi-thought out post, not with much in the way of links, that nearly nobody will read and fewer people will comment on?
  • A proper, full blown rant with nothing like thought getting in the way of some decent swearing?
  • A little link to someone else’s blog, with the three simple letters afterwards: heh?
  • A moany list of a post, because I can’t be arsed writing anything?

Decisions decisions. So, what should I go for?

He could've added a photo of Strangford Lough

Strangford Lough from Portaferry, looking towards the narrows.Image via Wikipedia

Or given, as a pilot, his views on the question posed by treehugger

Will Northern Ireland become the "Saudi Arabia of marine energy"?

which was found in article about the SeaGen tidal energy converter which has been successfully set into the water off Northern Ireland's Strangford Lough.

If Ed had used the word chastised more, or obsession, or even the word arsed . No, it doesn't matter Zementa aren't giving any suggestions for that.

There is however another photo that looks interesting...Dammam الدمامImage via Wikipedia

I don't know what relevance that photograph has to anything else written above.

Zemanta would've helped him to add more tags to his post which would include; Northern Ireland, Strangford Lough, SeaGen, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Will Northern Ireland, Government, Society and Culture.

I'm glad to read this afternoon that Ed isn't suffering 'bloggers block' and is proving the fact that the way to a good blog post is through the stomach.


Zemantic dreams said...

common, what would you expect as good suggestions from Zemanta on that text? :)

As they say "garbage in, garbage out" :)



ejh said...

I keep meaning to see if they'll let me do a buzz-past of thon Sea-Gen thing... Somehow I think they'll say no.

CyberScribe said...

andraž, the words chastised obsession and arsed would be difficult to make suggestions for, that didn't include material that may only be suitable for adults. Probably links to a slang dictionary or something similar would be all that'd be suitable. I do love the Zemanta application, I used to not bother with labels and now let Zemanta do it for me. It's also nice to see relevant links appear when I'm composing a blog post.It's interesting to see what links appear, the same interest I have when checking stats and seeing what strange Google searches lead people to read this blog :-)
Keep up the good work!

Ed,just pretend your that Prince what-do-ya-call-him and you can fly and land where you want to.

Zemantic dreams said...

thanks we are doing our best,

and will soon include index of even larger breath, so more relevant stories will be suggested.