@ 11PM?

The scroungers were out tonight and posted a bag through the door for a 'Third World Clothing Appeal'

On the back of the bag was a link to their website www.intersecond.com and I just had to check out who the bag came from. They claim...
We are professional fundraising company that collects and sells unwanted clothes for charitable purposes. We started our activity 10 years ago in Lithuania. Now we are also working in England and Ireland.

What are the 'charitable purposes' they mention and why drop the bag in at 11:00pm at night?

As I find their actions suspicious I wonder what could I put in the bag for them to collect. I think I'll call at a butchers in the morning, then a chemist and finally to a farm. I should be able to get something together to put in the bag.

Any mad scientists out there?


Grannymar said...

I could do you a good line in colourful plastic sacks!

I am fed up with them being pushed through the letterbox or left on the step so ignore the lot of them. If I have items suitable for recycling I bring them to one of the many Charity Shops in our Town.

Nelly said...


This sounds interesting for those living around The Blessed Mountain.

CyberScribe said...

Before I moved I must've left a couple of van loads of stuff to charity shops. In Greba I wasn't pestered by scroungers, not even a Halloween rhymer
The Yahoo Recycling group is excellent, though I'm living closer to Slieve Gallion than Slemish so maybe another group may get started sometime.

ganching said...

The organisations who leave these bags are not legitimate charities. You should not encourage them by donating to them.

CyberScribe said...

Even some 'legitimate charities' aren't doing what they're meant to be doing. Some I reckon just keep charities running to keep the staff in a job. Don't get me started again.