On my 'TO DO LIST' for later, SIGN UP to Verve Earth.

The result of the following e-mail...


Your blog CyberScroll.Com caught our attention. I'm the CEO of a recently launched startup for bloggers. We are searching the internet for the world's best blogs by geography, and we found yours for the United Kingdom. I would like to invite you to our site which plots the content of the internet on an interactive map of the world. VerveEarth is an entirely new way to surf the net. It shows spatial and geographic connections that a blog search engine could never reveal.

The site is www.VerveEarth.com. Once on board, you can easily link your blog, update your location, and build a personalized internet world of content. Your blog is important to us because we see you have an active community of readers. If our vision resonates with you, please give us a mention or add our widget to your blog. Please see our FAQ for any questions, and I welcome your feedback.


Kind Regards,


CEO | VerveEarth.com
Email | clayton@verveearth.com,

It's so easy to talk me into things.

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