On the shores of Lough Neagh.

Ballyronan Marina
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Just over two years ago a blog started with these words...

We spent the St. Patrick weekend working to get the vegetable plots reading for planting a season too late as usual, but here's hoping everything will be ok. Four out of the six planned beds are ready to go. We got the first planted up on Saturday with shallots, onions and garlic. We have early potatoes chitting at the moment. Again late, but I'm hoping in a couple of weeks we will be caught up.

The weather is very cold still so I don't think we have lost much time.

I've enjoyed reading the blog, Drumenagh Brae and seeing how things have developed, especially the garden. A highlight on the blog was in last November...

We Passed!!!

Today we had our Northern Ireland Tourist Board inspection. This is the last of three inspections on the road to being able to open our doors to paying guests. The first, environmental health, checked to see if we were had the right facilities to cook our guests breakfast, the second, fire service, to check that the accommodation was up to scratch in terms of fire safety and if we needed a fire certificate. This inspection from NITB was the most comprehensive, this was to check the nature of the guest bedrooms, the en suites and bathrooms and the guest lounge and breakfast room. One and a half hours later I was given the good news that we passed!!! In about a weeks time we will have our certificate and be listed on the discover Ireland website. We will launch our own website and open our doors to bookings very soon.

Now visiting the blog and the website it's great to see Drumenagh Brae Bed and Breakfast is now open! I hope they keep blogging and maybe have an open day for local bloggers sometime.I'd suggest that the full title for the establishment be called Drumenagh Brae, the Bloggers Bed and Breakfast and hopefully bloggers visiting Northern Ireland make a point of staying at Drumenagh Brae :-)

Thanks to Stephen Paskin for letting me use his photograph of Ballyronan Marina close to Drumenagh Brae.

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