No Warning

Something happened during the summer of 2007 in Northern Ireland.
Strange lights were seen in the skies. People started to disappear.
The strangest thing of all, however, was that nobody noticed.

Back in the present, footage of the missing individuals has been
uncovered and released onto the internet, arriving just as
mysteriously as the disappearances themselves.

A new telecommunications and software corporation has also arrived in
the Province, promising great services and products, yet their origin
(and motive) is shrouded in complete secrecy.

An emissary has appeared, claiming to know answers but, for some
reason, he cannot relay his message directly – other forces are
watching him and he knows he has to stay one step ahead of them in
order to fulfil his mission. He has to rely on cryptic clues and the
ingenuity of his audience in order to reveal a dreadful fate and a
desperate cause.

Everything is not as it seems. There is more going on than we have
been led to believe. This is just the beginning of something bigger
than the planet and, so far, we have been given No Warning.

Link to missing footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRwbwyt4Zpo

No Warning

No Warning is an exciting new Internet-based video series based in
Northern Ireland. It is a Science Fiction adventure with a twist –
in order for the viewers to follow the story they have to solve
cryptic puzzles in order to progress and to find out more information.

To help people delve deeper into the story a forum has been set up to
encourage a community-based culture where people can discuss all
aspects of what they have seen, possible story arcs, as well as the
puzzles themselves. If people cannot solve a particular puzzle to
watch a key video the community is encouraged to help them along in
the spirit of sportsmanship.

No Warning has been developed on a low budget (self-financed)
complete with a small cast of professional actors. It uses a wide
range of digital effects as well as some dynamic and creative
filmmaking to help bring its unique story to life.

No Warning, although based in Northern Ireland, its audience base
would not be exclusive to just this country. Because of its
existence on the internet it is a truly global series. One of its
best points is that it is very non-political and avoids contentious
issues such as religion, the Troubles etc. I believe, because of
this, the project displays a greater, more positive image of Northern
Ireland to the world in both creativity and context.

I would ask that you watch the first episode of the series, and if
you enjoy what you have seen please feel free to progress further
into the world of No Warning and pass your experience on to others.



Alan in Belfast said...

Three videos and one forum later ... truly bizarre - but worth following!

Feels like The Three Investigators all over again - can I be Jupiter Jones?

And will there be free decoder rings?

CyberScribe said...

Just be careful Alan, strange things have been happening in Norn Iron recently. You've publicly admitted that it is worth following.THEY have seen your blog.

I'm wondering what happened to the real Ian Paisley