Learn Irish online.

I need to be very careful when I type this because I find it so easy to type Oirish instead of Irish. The only words I know in Irish are "chucky arla" and that's because of the artist known as Michael Stone who was supposed to have shouted those words when he launched an attack on a funeral back in the 1980's. I've been tempted to learn both Ulster Scots and Irish, though the recent dealings I've had with a famous Ulster/Scots family have put me off that so called language and culture for life.

Michelle has announced on her blog that she's launched a new website for people who are trying to learn Irish...


It's an Irish language learning website, aimed at adult learners who have a cĂșpla focal or or no Irish. Right now, we're working hard to publish lots of free Irish language learning materials - such as podcasts, flashcards and language learning games. They're not live yet, but we're going to launch these as soon as we can.

If you're trying to learn Irish, or if you know someone who's trying to learn Irish, go to www.talkirish.com or sign up now for our podcasts. The more people I can sign up in advance, the more free learning materials I can provide on www.talkirish.com!

Where in Ireland is the people's democratic County of Laois or is it Laoighis or Leix, or could it be Laos? Is it the County that sounds like Leech?

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