Irish blogger's book makes it to No 6 (so far) on the best-seller list.

No, it's not Twenty Major's book The Order of the Phoenix Park but a blogger from the North who blogs @ Diary of a Mad Mammy with her book entitled Rainy Days and Tuesdays

that's made it to the best-seller list, again. The Derry Journal reported on Friday...
Journal' reporter Claire Allan has been celebrating this week after the paperback edition of her debut novel 'Rainy Days and Tuesdays' stormed into the Irish charts at number six.
“I’m over the moon. I was shaking when I heard the news and I’m still overwhelmed now,” she said.

The novel, which tells the story of a working mother who decides to completely transform her life, reached number nine in the bestsellers’ chart last summer.

“I wasn’t sure what reaction we would have to the paperback,” Claire said. “Although there has been a massive amount of press interest this time around, I was totally gobsmacked to hear it had done so well in its first week on the shelves.”

Claire was recently interviewed on Blogcritics by Jill Hart

Jill Hart: I have to admit that I’m an avid reader of your blog as well. I think I started reading that before I got ahold of your book. Your blog is open and honest (and hilarious). You talk about being a writer and a mom.
Claire Allan: My son, Joseph, is an absolute dream. He’s fantastic and he makes me laugh so much. I think boys tend to be really affectionate more so than girls. I have a six year old niece and she is really canny the way she operates but Joseph is so affectionate and loving. It’s great. I love him to pieces.

So there's another great blog to visit.With Jill saying to Claire "I’m an avid reader of your blog" how could anyone avoid reading Claire's blog.

And the blurb about the book from Poolbeg (the publisher)...

If you like Marian Keyes you'll LOVE Claire Allan!

Claire Allan

A brand new talent from Poolbeg!

From the publishers who discovered Marian Keyes, Maeve Binchy, Cathy Kelly and Patricia Scanlan among many others, we are delighted to present our newest discovery, Claire Allan.

Grace, Parenting Editor of a monthly glossy, was once the glamorous Health and Beauty Editor. Now she still looks like she’s nine months pregnant two years after childbirth and is devastated when the office bimbo, stick-insect Louise, announces: “I need you to lose weight.” Grace has been chosen by the magazine to undergo the ultimate make-over for a feature.

Overcoming her first reaction (which is to murder Louise), Grace decides to go for it – not realizing it will involve taking happy pills, crying torrents in front of her hard-nosed editor SinĂ©ad, being weighed in public, and wondering whether or not she wants to stay married . . .

Will it all be worth it?
More Info: http://www.claireallan.com/

So Ladies, and Gentlemen, you have been told. :-)


Claire said...

Mucho thanks for the plug!

CyberScribe said...

I'll keep an eye on your blog to see if it reaches No1.