If it's a Bank Holiday, why not?

Paisley calls for St Patrick's Day public holiday

By Gemma Murray

FIRST Minister Ian Paisley has called for St Patrick's Day to be designated a public holiday.
The first minister and former moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church said he always celebrates the day by preaching about the saint.

He has said he thinks March 17 should be a day off for everyone.

"I have proposed it in the House of Commons and I have proposed it here," said the North Antrim MP.

"Maybe they'll celebrate my passing by saying to St Patrick 'you can have a day to yourself'."

I say, I say, I say...

What about an 'Ian Paisley Day'?


Manuel said...

somewhere there is a large man tied to a chair who looks a lot like Mr Paisley....that other guy has to be an actor in a Paisley suit......fair play to him though he's a changed man....

CyberScribe said...

Manuel,I never thought that it might just be an actor. Maybe the real Mr Paisley has been abducted and the "actor's" contract with the British Government ends in May.That might explain why Martin McGuinness was laughing so much when he was with the actor, cause he knows who he is. I'm surprised nobody has started a campaign to find the real Mr Paisley.