Free Drinks!

Gordon Brown's Alistair Darling's Budget as usual affects drinkers.Spirits up by 55p, a bottle of wine by 14p, a pint of beer 4p more and a litre of cider up 3p.

But it's not all bad news for me today.Today, via Facebook, I received an invite to William Crawley's Social Experiment and the tagline was Free Drinks Yes FREE DRINKS. A Party, A Night of Mayhem.

On the downside, if your shy like me,they're filming a documentary. I'm just not that keen on being filmed, especially if I was slightly intoxicated. The invite read ...

Join host William Crawley for a very special party to be filmed for a forthcoming documentary.

With your help, William will attempt to change Saturday nights forever.

Admission Free

If I get dragged along in a state where my alcohol level is high?

So Will, if I'm there I'm there if I'm not I'm somewhere else.

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