The Biggest **** In The Country?

Stephen Nolan, who's show is now on BBC Radio Ulster gets a lot of 'stick' as they say.Doctorvee was discussing the future of 5 live and about Stephen who he described as an audio arsonist...
Then in the evening there is smooth, calm Stephen Nolan. That was sarcasm there. This loud mouth just approaches every topic from the most controversial and inflammatory angle. His treatment of sensitive subjects has all the tact and subtlety of a bulldozer knocking over a child’s sandcastle. When you factor in the fact that Stephen Nolan is from Northern Ireland, I should think it is a miracle that this audio arsonist is still alive

and some classic comments...

#1 Tom
Stephen Nolan’s voice is the single worst noise on the planet. You could use it to torture prisoners in Abu Ghraib. Eamonn Holmes is nearly as bad, merely replacing aggressive shouty ignorance with droning inanity.
Lest it be thought that I just hate people from Northern Ireland, I should point out that Colin Murray on Fighting Talk is wonderful. Oh, and I’m Northern Irish myself.

#6 Onebrow
Stephen Nolan frequently ruins my late night visits to the kitchen. The man has no sense of tact, indeed he seems to think of the tactful way of going about something, then deliberately decides to do the complete opposite. Clearly somebody on the BBC thought it was a good idea, he’s probably a ratings grabber.
He would certainly seem to be popular with the people that phone in to his show. Who are, unthinkably, often worse than Nolan himself. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Nolan just managed to bring out everybody's inner caveman.
I could rant at length, but I fear I’m beginning to sound like someone who would phone in to Stephen Nolan’s show.

Does Mr Nolan bring out your inner caveman?


Manuel said...

HELL YES! Do you remember that bloody awful tv show he had where he discussed the issues of the day, not the one where he patronised unemployed people? He ran a phone vote thingy where the question was "would you let your child share a bed with Michael Jackson?" What is that all about? Idiot.

He was looking me to do an interview last week.....I said no

CyberScribe said...

Manuel, has he partaken of any food in your establishment? Or is it just pasties and chips and crisps he eats?