Anything for a quiet life

I've harassed this blogger for months and months and she finally gave in and answered these questions.Another blogger from Northern Ireland.Let the interrogation begin...

# What is the title of your blog? The Bells Have
made me Deaf

# Why did you call your blog.... First thing came into my head

# Briefly, describe your blog, if you can. Defunct

# Why do you blog? I rarely do any more.. lack of time and inspiration.

# What has been your best blogging experience? Uhhh... um

# What would be your main blogging advice to a novice blogger? Prepare to be mocked.

# What are your favourite blogs? Those I can read easily while on a tea break.

# What is your favourite book? I'll let you know when I find one.

# What is your favourite film? O Brother where art thou

# What is your favourite poem? Ach who could limit such a thing to just one. I'll go for Shakespeare's Sonnet 116

# Who are your 'Top 10' favourite musical artistes or bands? This week it's.. Derek Trucks, The Cinematic Orchestra, Patrick Watson, Goldfrapp, Bittersweet, Jose Gonzales, Spoon, Doveman, Samamidon, Jed & Lucia. Next week... who knows?

# Who is your favourite comedian? Dave Allen

# If you were to relive your life to this point, is there anything you'd do differently? Only with hindsight. Without it I'd likely be just as stupid all over again!

# What would you call your autobiography? And then I woke up.

# Who would play you in the film about your life? I reckon the only one for the job is Miss Piggy.

# What are your hobbies, apart from blogging? Hoarding, foraging, pruck, internet, walking and the endless donation of my opinion to the less fortunate.

# What is your most treasured possession? My dog.

# Who are your sporting heroes? Sport should be something to participate in rather than an alter to worship at.

# If you won a million on the Lotto what would you spend it on? I don't do the Lotto.

Time now for you to head over to The Bells Have made me Deaf and inspire her to write another blog post.

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